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Who am I?
It's easy to explain: I'm a statistical programmer, both at work and in my free time. Combining statistical knowledge and potentialities of computing, I wrote some programs for statistical analysis of data and more.

If you are interested in my Curriculum Vitae, please click here (or here in Open Document format).

If you want, you can read my thesis entitled "Analisi delle Serie Storiche e Applicazioni" ("Time Series Analysis and Applications", only in Italian), or download its Power Point presentation.

If you are interested in Genetic Algorithms or the game Mastermind, feel free to download my MA thesis, "Algoritmi Genetici con applicazioni ai giochi ed ai problemi di ottimizzazione" ("Genetic algorithms with applications in games and optimization problems", only in Italian): you can also find its summary and presentation (only in Italian).
You will find the official pdf version on the website of the University of Padua.

Finally, you can contact me at the email address below.

Please note that all the code presented in this website is licensed under GNU General Public License (version 3).

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Creation date: 17 Sep 2010
Translation date: 30 Dec 2012
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