Risodukore - Program and source code

If you want to solve a Sudoku or you are interested in understanding and improving the source code, this is the right page.

You can download the source code (zipped), the executable for Windows (zipped) or for Linux (zipped).

The executable available for Windows was tested on Windows XP, but is likely to work on more recent versions, too.
The Linux executable was developed for an old Ubuntu version (a 2005 or 2006 version, I think): Linux users would better recompile the source, by linking the math library (I did it with the command: gcc filename -o outputfilename -lm).

Here you can also find some input files for testing the program under Windows OS. Note that there are differences between Windows and Linux text files (particularly for special character, such as newline): so the Linux program might present some problems with these examples and Linux text files can cause problems to Windows program (if you want to fix the problem, please improve the source code!).

Also, note that the program searches only one solution to the input problem. When the matrix is solved, the program quits: if there is more than one available solution, only the first one is written. If the matrix does not have a solution, the program quits without any output (please feel free to fix this problem, too!).

Please note that all the code presented in this website is licensed under GNU General Public License (version 3).

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Creation date: 17 Sep 2010
Translation date: 30 Dec 2012
Last change: 13 Apr 2013

Translation reviewed by Giulia Di Lallo