Risodukore - Input example

Risodukore wasn't designed for matrices with a fixed number of fields: it reads the size of the square by the first row of the file.
This puzzle game is very popular in the 9x9 version, but the program has been tested on 4x4, 16x16 and 25x25 as well.
For example, using a computer with first generation of pentium centrino processor, it solved in 39 seconds a jumbo sudoku (25x25), published in the newspaper Il Secolo XIX on the 15th August 2005, with a full scanning of the space of solutions in 8 minutes.

To use the program you should copy it in a folder containing the input file: the easiest way is to name it in.txt. You can also use a file with a different name and execute the program using the string: RisodukoreF -i filename.extension

The input file must be as follows:

1 0 0 4
0 2 3 0
0 4 1 0
3 0 0 2

it must have a space between two numbers in the same row and a newline at the end of each line (including the last one).
Numbers go from 0 to N (where N is the size of the array) with zeros representing empty fields.
The Sudoku matrix for our previous example is:

1     4
  2 3  
  4 1  
3     2

The program creates two html output files: solution and step by step progression.

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Creation date: 17 Sep 2010
Translation date: 30 Dec 2012
Last change: 13 Apr 2013

Translation reviewed by Giulia Di Lallo